Bakra Mandi
Bakra Mandi

Bakra Mandi Bull Details

Price Rs 170000/

GjrB9900207 Details

  • Type: Bull
  • Weight: 285kg
  • Age: 02 Year
  • Color: white
  • City: Gojra
  • Delivery Time: Next day
  • Delivery Charges: Paid by Seller
  • Teeth: 2
  • Added On: 24, July 2020
  • Vendor: Danish Ali
  • Ratings:



As Eid-Ul-Adha is now a few days away, people have bought sacrificial animals and some are still waiting to purchase them. With the advancement of internet and e-services, bakra mandi have also made their way online. Everyone knows buying sacrificial animals in bakra mandi is time-consuming and tiresome. Online mandis of sacrificial animals has made it very easy to purchase animals while staying at home. With the increase of online markets the competition between these sites is also very tough. There are a lot of people who do not have much idea about these online sites or who cannot find one.

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